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How are hernias repaired?

There are many different techniques, surgical approaches, and modalities for hernia surgery.

See the section "What are the different types of hernia repair"

We have performed thousands of hernia repair surgeries, and we perform the most advanced, cutting edge techniques and technology. 

We perform minimally invasive surgery (Laparoscopic and Robotic), as well as traditional open surgery. We also perform minimally invasive open surgery.

We have been performing "Robotic Surgery" since 2014 and using the Da Vinci Surgical System for hernia repair is making the surgery experience even better for patients. Robotic-assisted surgery with the da Vinci surgical system is a minimally invasive surgery, like laparoscopy and thus it is less invasive than traditional open surgery.


A review of published studies suggests potential benefits of an inguinal hernia repair with da Vinci technology include:

  • Patients who had an inguinal hernia repair with da Vinci had a lower rate of complications after surgery from the time they left the hospital through 30 days after surgery compared with patients who had an open procedure.

  • Although fewer than 1 in 10 inguinal hernia repairs requires an admission to the hospital, called an inpatient stay, patients who had an inguinal hernia repair with da Vinci technology stayed in the hospital as an inpatient for a shorter amount of time than patients with similar characteristics who had an open procedure.


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