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Hernia Surgery Experts

Director of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery

About Us

It's The Experience That Counts

Excellent success rates, not only in outcome, but also in patient satisfaction is what truly matters. The team at Advanced Hernia Specialists treats patients with dignity, respect, caring and compassion to heal not only a person's body, but also their mind and spirit. We are experts in the field of hernia surgery and we are committed to excellence in every way. It is our mission to offer the best care possible to all people suffering with a hernia. Our kind and compassionate staff go to great lengths to make a patient feel comfortable during the time they spend with us. Dr. Pinnar is very patient focused, and by taking the time to talk with patients, educate patients, and completely answer their questions, he makes them much more comfortable and less apprehensive. We are committed to surgical excellence, and we strive to stay on the forefront of surgical procedures and treatment using advanced techniques.


The treatments for hernia have evolved in so many ways over the last 20-30 years and there are often multiple options for repair for any particular hernia. We strive to individualize treatment for all people who suffer with a hernia, to offer the best and most durable result, while still offering the patient their personal choice of repair. So, whether you are thinking about surgery, want to plan surgery, or whether you have had surgery elsewhere and are having problems, we can help. We are happy to work with patients who have undergone surgery with other surgeons and have had their hernia come back, or who have had complications from or after surgery.


We realize that our patients are not looking for a "procedure;" they are looking for an "outcome." Our main goal is to help you safely achieve and maintain that outcome for life.

We are an "out-of-network" provider and no longer accept insurance. If you have insurance, and choose to use it, the surgical facilities we use and the anesthesiologists will be "in-network" and therefore covered by your medical insurance. Only the surgeon's individual fee will be the patient's responsibility.

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Areas of Expertise

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Inguinal (Groin) Hernia Repair

Without Mesh or with Mesh

Our Mission

We seek to make hernia surgery affordable to all people. We live in a time when there are many people unemployed and are without health insurance. We are also in a time where employers cannot afford to provide premium insurance plans, so as a result, their employees are left with insurance plans that have very high deductibles and copayments. The out of pocket cost effectively makes surgery unaffordable for many even with insurance. We unfortunately see many people suffering in pain with their hernias because they cannot afford to have them fixed. In addition, these hernias only become worse over time, making them even more dangerous, often causing more pain, while also making them even more difficult to repair.


We have developed strategies, and work with several surgical facilities, thereby avoiding the cost of a hospital, where possible, and when safe, thereby reducing much of the cost. There are some complex hernias that require hospital care, and we have negotiated with them for the lowest self pay pricing available. It is our sincere hope that we can help people to be able to have their hernias repaired in a safe and effective way, at a cost they can afford.  

We believe that hernias are a broad and complex subject that requires a specific expertise to treat most effectively. There are many types and categories of hernia, each with a multitude of ways to repair them. There is no one best approach for every hernia or any person. Most surgeons offer one or two ways to repair a hernia, based on their individual preference and limited experience. We believe that a hernia specialist should be familiar with all of the options available, as well as the many years of experience to have learned and performed them.

Our belief is that it is all about the patient, and less about the surgeon's preference or the one or two procedures at which they are proficient. In our practice, it is about what is best for the patient. We strive to educate patients thoroughly about their condition and involve them very closely in their treatment plan. We work to individualize our approaches and our conversations with a patient from the very first meeting, so that chosen approach will have the greatest likelihood of meeting the goals and expectations of each patient.

Self Pay Patients

Do you have a hernia but don't have insurance? Or do you have an insurance plan with high deductible?

We can help!

At Advanced Hernia Specialists, we understand the financial hardships that people are facing at this difficult time in today’s world.

We want to help you and make hernia surgery affordable for all. So, we offer a substantial discount for patients who need to pay out of pocket.

For cash pay patients, we have a negotiated special rate with our surgery centers, hospitals and anesthesiologists, so we can offer a “FLAT FEE” that is “ALL INCLUSIVE.” There are no additional fees, hidden charges, or surprise costs. The surgeon fee, anesthesiologist fee, and facility fee are all included for ONE LOW COST.

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