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Do the surgeons at the AHS Center specialize in hernias?

Yes! We are absolutely the best at what we do.

At Advanced Hernia Specialists, our surgeons specialize in hernias and hernia repair. Hernia repair is all we do. We are experts in the field or hernia repair, with over 20 years of experience. And unlike most surgeons, we are skilled at all of the proven techniques and the most modern advanced technologies.  We are committed to excellence and delivering the best care, with the best patient outcomes possible. We are committed to making hernia repair possible and available to patients who are out of work, without health insurance, or have high insurance deductibles, by offering low cost options for them. We also offer the most advanced laparoscopic, minimally invasive, and robotic surgical techniques for hernia repair.

We offer very effective open techniques for small hernias, that are very short surgeries through a very small incision. The patients go home very soon after surgery and have a very fast recovery.


We have been using the da Vinci surgical system since 2014, and we have been employing it for hernia repair for many years. Robotic surgery has revolutionized repair of abdominal wall hernias, and we have been very successful in also applying it to inguinal (groin) hernias with excellent results and very happy patients.  

Clinical research studies routinely demonstrate that patients who have surgery by surgeons who specialize in hernia repair have the best outcomes. You have the best chance of having a long-lasting hernia repair, and your lowest risk for surgical complications when you have surgery by a specialist who has a great deal of experience with hernia repair. At Advanced Hernia Specialists, we perform only hernia repair, and we have over 20 years of experience.

We spend a great deal of time with our patients explaining and teaching them about hernias and with respect to their individual situation. We offer repair without mesh where possible for those who prefer not to have mesh. We also offer mesh that is the standard of care, but we also offer the newest and most advanced mesh technologies for patients who choose to have it. See our section "Is hernia mesh safe?" for explanations of new mesh technology. Also, see the sections "Is it necessary to use mesh?" and "Tissue vs Mesh repair."  

We believe each patient deserves the right to choose what is best for them, and we try to offer as many options as possible, where appropriate, to each and every patient. We offer patients the choice of operation (where reasonable), the choice of anesthesia (where appropriate), and the choice of their post operative pain control after surgery (when needed and when appropriate).  

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