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When should I see a surgeon?

The time to repair a hernia is when it is found or diagnosed.

If you are here, now is the time to act:

When you are diagnosed with a hernia by your primary care doctor, or when you think you may have a hernia, that is the time to see a surgeon. Hernias only become worse over time.

Hernias will not heal or resolve on their own. And the only treatment is surgical repair. There are three main reasons to have a hernia repaired.


  1. They will not heal on their own, and the longer you wait, the bigger it will become.

  2. The bigger it gets, the harder it is to repair. The surgery becomes more complicated, takes longer to perform, has higher risk of complications, and takes longer to recover from.

  3. The bigger a hernia becomes, the higher the risk of getting something important (intestines or organs) protruding through the defect, and therefore increasing the risk of damaging those organs or intestines. Even with emergency surgery, damage to organs or intestines can cause life-threatening sepsis or death.  

So, if you have a hernia or think you may have one, it is best not to delay treatment.

Take that next step:

Call us for more information or schedule an appointment with us at Advanced Hernia Specialists. We are experts in the field of hernia surgery, and we are committed to delivering excellent care and the best patient outcomes possible. We offer the most cost-effective options for patients who are paying out of pocket, as well as the most advanced laparoscopic, minimally invasive, and robotic surgical techniques for hernia repair.

Call us at 904-808-5658, email us, use our online Contact Form, or Book Online                  





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