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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and because many of our patients come from a great distance away, we offer virtual visits with telehealth appointments with our providers.

We offer Telehealth Visits 

Self-Pay Patients

Do you have a hernia but don't have insurance? Or do you have an insurance plan with high deductible?

We can help!

At Advanced Hernia Specialists, we understand the financial hardships that people are facing at this difficult time in today’s world.

We want to help you and make hernia surgery affordable for all. So, we offer a substantial discount for patients who need to pay out of pocket.

For cash pay patients, we have a negotiated special rate with our surgery center and anesthesiologists, so we can offer a “FLAT FEE” that is “ALL INCLUSIVE.” There are no additional fees, hidden charges, or surprise costs. The surgeon fee, anesthesiologist fee, and facility fee are all included for ONE LOW COST.

What is a "Telehealth" visit?



A Telehealth visit or Telemedicine visit is a Virtual visit in real-time with our surgeons by using your own mobile device or computer. This visit can take place from the comfort of your home, or wherever you choose. Telehealth visits are available for your initial consultation and in many cases your follow up visit after surgery. If you choose to have a telehealth visit for your initial consultation, and you choose to proceed with surgery, your surgeon will still need to meet and examine you prior to surgery. In select cases, you can meet and be examined by your surgeon on the day of surgery. 

Telehealth visits require a non-refundable deposit when the appointment is scheduled. Full payment for the visit will be required at the time of the scheduled appointment. 

If paying out of pocket, the fee for the initial office visit, whether in person or virtual, will be deducted from the cost of surgery should you choose to proceed with surgery.

Fees listed below are Self-Pay Prices, and will be applied toward the All-Inclusive Surgical Fee if you proceed with surgery.

Our Services

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